the Jesus ticket

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The Jesus Ticket

As Christians, how are we to vote? Who are we to vote for? Is there a certain party that Jesus would vote for? If there is, then which one is His choice? If there isn’t, then what are we to do as followers of The Way? I hope every Christian asks themselves these questions because if they don’t they have failed to let their relationship with the King permeate into the way they think and live their lives, and if this is not true of their relationship with Jesus, then they have failed to commit themselves to be the disciples Jesus requires. In other words Jesus demands to be the sole Shepherd we look to in every aspect of our earthly lives, He is not satisfied to be the God who makes you feel good, but He demands to be the God in which every one of our decisions and actions are made.

This year was election year. Something I have never experienced as an eligible voter or a student at Biola University. Prior to the election I expected to see the majority of students vote the Republican ticket and, given the nature of college students, a small minority that would vote blue. As the election came closer, my predictions turned to be true. However, though my predictions became true I unexpectantly found myself thinking about things I had never before. I spoke with people from both parties and sought out why they were voting the ticket they were and, in turn, began to look into my own decisions and came to ask, “What are the most important things about a candidate that makes them worthy of the vote?” As a Christian, “What are the issues I should hold most importantly?” No doubt many people would come up with many answers, but this is my blog so you’ll get mine.

I think there are some things on the ballot that are silly, especially in relation to other things on the ballot. For example, on the California ballot there was prop 2 which was demanding that animals that are being raised for food (to be killed for consumption) should be able to move their limbs. That’s all fine and dandy, but that thing that got me is that was on the same ballot as prop 4 which wanted minors who are getting abortions to have to tell their parents before they get an abortion. I don’t know how these two issues can be on the same ballot. It completely boggles my mind that as a State we have as far as being just as concerned with animals being treated like humans when we treat humans like animals. In here lies my thought. If we, as a country, do not have enough of a foundation to protect the unborn children, the most defenseless and innocent (in comparison with humanity) of the image bearers from becoming victims then anything else we do will eventually be done in vain. We can’t fight for freedom and equality when we deny it to the unborn. We must stand for those who cannot stand, we must speak for those who cannot speak, and we must fight for those who cannot fight.

Now, I am sorry for bring ranty, but this saddens me greatly. If we do not have our first priorities straight, then anything else we fight for will not be victorious. We can’t fight for a better life for the citizens, the immigrants, or the world when we deny life itself to the unborn. This blog is really mixed in thought and I understand, but I had to write something somewhere. Vote with the heart of Jesus.

I was walking around campus today and thinking (as is my usual doing). I was thinking about religion, then I was thinking about Jesus. The difference being that religion is a bunch of do’s and don’ts, good and bad, and Jesus is Jesus. I have a tendency to form Jesus into religion, a bunch of do’s and don’ts, I form him into a guy that likes me when I do right, and turns away when I do wrong. I know…bad Christology, but this is my struggle. I, to my misfortune, form Jesus into something that he is not. Now because I do this I myself become burdened by the weight of this religion, I become afraid of my coming judgment because of my lack of do’s and my surplus of don’ts. My friends..if anyone ever really reads this..this is not Jesus, as you know, or at least I hope. (I am writing this right now more for myself anyhow, that’s why it’s preachy).

Romans 5:8 says God demonstrates his love for us in this: WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS, CHRIST DIED FOR US. Christ’s love was on me and for me before I bowed in submission to his guidance and glory. God demonstrates (explains or shows something that is true) his love for us, in the greatest gift to be given….His Son, His only Son. If I did nothing to gain the love of God, I therefore can do nothing to prevent it. It comes to me regardless of me, it comes to me because God is God, and God is love.

The hard part is putting this into my reality. Oh Lord that I would live fully convinced of this, my life and those around me, would benefit greatly. Lord change me. God bless you my friends.


What a year this is turning out to be. Man o man, things after thing, event after event, and struggle after struggle.

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. From church to school to friends to family to ministry, I am finding myself in a constant blur where the only solid constant is the Lord. I know it may sound corny but its corniness does not take away from its truth.

Something that’s going on right now is a heavy sense of lukewarmness. I look around me, and in myself, and I sense that I am living a life very under whelmed of God and who he is. A lot of times I am finding myself in situations where I am doing something and then the Holiness of the Almighty comes in the picture, the type of scenario where the mightiest angels are crying out of reverence and worship for the Almighty. The whole Isaiah six type thing. As I am seeing this picture in my mind I am faced with the inadequacy of my living. Now I know the blood of Christ covers this inadequacy and my relationship with the Lord stands reconciled, but I also know that is never an excuse to not fight against all what is in me and strive for Holiness. I see the call to be Holy as God is Holy; my strivings made in faith are pleasing to our Father. This is a holistic type of thing, this Holiness issue. It doesn’t mean that I need to read my bible more or go to church more often (God knows I am there enough) or do more things for the poor. No, not this Holiness. This Holiness is holistic, my entire way of life. The words of my mouth, the way I do my homework, the thoughts of my mind, the ways I treat those around me, my attitude, my focus, my heart, the way I use the precious time given to me by God. All these things need to be set apart, and not to be used and abused as if I don’t even know God.

As I am taking this road to Holiness I am finding another struggle to deal with in the midst, my judgment of others. As I am striving for Holiness I have been increasingly finding myself wanting to pump other people full of their iniquity. I see people’s sin and laziness and I want to ram them with the, “THUS SAYS THE LORD!” But as soon as these thoughts come into my mind I am reminded that whatever correction I am to give it is to be done with gentleness and humbleness, lest I think myself greater than I am.

That’s the thing for now. Go with God in all you do, because if you don’t you’ll be the one leading the way, and you’ll definitely screw it up.

Where are they?


Where are they?


Chapel today was good. Where are the Christians who want to jump of our boats for Jesus. Where are the Christians who are Christians. We get so caught up in worthless things and too many times miss the one thing that has worth. We get so caught having our eyes set into the darkness of this age, that whenever the light of God comes about we are almost spiteful of the bringer of the light, because the light convicts.

I don’t want to feel as if though I am missing the real stuff of Jesus, the real path. To many times I feel like I am walking a made up path. This is why I need God’s word, it shows the real road.

God strengthen me to stay the path no matter the consequences.

 It is indeed hard to be a Christian, not because God asks more than I can do because its by His power that work is done, but it is hard because of the flesh within me. I want what is not God. Like Derek Webb sang, “I am so easily satisfied on a call of a lover so less wild. That I would take a little cash over your very flesh and blood.” God instill in me a passionate love for you and you alone, then I may be able to let the world reap the benefits of you through me. I want you, I will jump.

Finals time, and when Finals come, that means that the final part of the year has come as well (how do you like that logic). And since the final part of my year has come I now have the opportunity to reflect on the things passed, completed, and finished. I am really glad I have chosen to stay in CE.

I feel as if I have grown significantly this past year, and I can say with reassurance that my time spent here so far at Biola was not in vain. I had some time of slacking, but throughout the year the Lord has been faithful to remind me I am here for His Glory and am definitely not here for myself.

Something that I have seen slowly kill students at Biola is the apathy of their calling; I call it “the disease.” (I just made that up, but it will stay because it is a cool phrase that correctly describes what I am trying to say). “The disease” is the mindset that school is nothing but a hoop to jump through so we can obtain the diploma, so we can then go on to get the career, and then proceed nicely to the family, and the dog, and the mortgage, and then the retirement, and then the death, where we will have to face our Creator and show Him the hoops we jumped through to get to the next stage of life….all while the eternal things of our lives have remained unchanged. “The disease” is terminal if you don’t come into college with the passion and desire to Glorify Jesus Christ in all that you do, including most definitely school. The only way to stay clear of this sickness is to keep you eyes on Christ and diligently complete your work He has set before you so you can magnify His excellence before the darkness of this world.

I have found that there is only one good reason to come to college. To be equipped so we may magnify Christ all the more through the learning and shaping of ourselves. If we come to college for any other reason than intentional Glorification, we miss the mark, and jump into “the disease.”

My brother or sister, do not come to college so you may waste your life. Let college become your refining fire which purifies your character all the more for our Father who’s in Heaven. Fight the good fight, don’t sit on the outside of the arena.

March 5, 2007

Phew, what a year this has turned into. I can easily name off ten amazing moments I have had at Biola, and also name off a couple where I felt as if I had been thrown into the dumpster of life. I remember our floor (The Corps, third floor Hope North) first coming together. A bunch of wild college freshman fleshing out their extreme excitement to start their new life. I cant even number the amount of games we played in tat first week together. Football, Frisbee, waffle ball,
wrestling, on and on! We never separated from each other. We walked as if we were one. We ate together, left the dorm together, and did everything else together. And this is about 30 guys.
Then the semester started and real life started and business took our lives and even some of our relationships. This is something I would of thought about if I weren’t in the ecstasy of new college beginnings, but I was, so I didn’t think about it. Guys started to not care about each
other, or at least start to have more important things to do. Man, I remember this one night. I think it was like the third day after moving in. We had the most amazing worship night ever in our floor lounge.
It was powerful, God had blessed us amazingly. It went on for about 2 hours. Prayer, admonishment, and praise. I thought that Satan would just hand in his resignation sheet as the deceiver after he heard the praises of that night, but he didn’t. Like I said school started…after a week or two it was like pulling teeth to try and get the guys to come and worship. How I longed for another night like that. But it seemed like a whole which couldn’t be crossed. So the floor, which is still a sweet community, cooled off whenever it came to us being intentional about building each other up or simply coming together and singing praises.
Now I don’t want to sound like I am always up for meeting together and doing all these things together, but nonetheless I had, and still do hope that our floor comes together and starts being intentional about the kingdom of God and our purpose set by God, instead of wasting time on
stuff that’s gonna burn. Ya know?
But God is moving, I see it. More and more guys are coming together. Talking about the important things, not just starcraft. Both them and I are starting to realize the absolute necessity of a Christ centered community. We need each other…